100k $ATS Airdrop and Listing on GateIO

The Atlas DEX token $ATS is listing on yet another exchange — Gate.io. Atlas DEX is also partnering with Gate.io to launch the Startup Free Airdrop Program in order to promote the token and reward Gate.IO platform users.

VIP and GT users of Gate.io can get a variety of tokens airdrop benefits. More than 100k $ATS tokens will be rewarded during this campaign.

Read the announcement and details of the Airdrop program

After the Airdrop Program, the ATS-USDT trading pair will be listed on Gate.io, a prominent Centralised Exchange (CEX). The airdrop is expected to start on the 07:00 AM 15th Feb, 2022 to 07:00 AM 16th Feb, 2022 (UTC). And the listing is expected to start on 10:00 AM 16th Feb, 2022 (UTC).

Our team is working hard to list $ATS on various exchanges in order to expand the accessibility of $ATS tokens.

Buy $ATS tokens and be a part of Atlas DEX’s cross-chain vision!

Come and join the Atlas DEX Community!

Check out our platform at Atlas DEX



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