Atlas DEX $500 Giveaway | Swap and get rewarded!

It’s easy to be rewarded for trying out a cross-chain swap on Atlas DEX.
Here are the details for our giveaway:

1. Do a trade on the Atlas DEX Exchange.
Within Atlas DEX, you can make a cross-chain swap to different chains. Currently, we support Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon chain, Avalanche Chain, Fantom Chain and Solana.

We have also recently launched our StableSwaps, which allows users to make cross-chain swaps specifically for stablecoins. You can get incredible swap rates for your stablecoin to stablecoin swap.

100 USDC from Solana to 99.5 USDT on Polygon.

After doing the swap, simply click on the link to view your transaction on a block explorer. Copy the URL of the transaction.

If the transaction timed out, search for your address on a block explorer (E.g BSC Scan, Solscan, Ethscan) and click and copy the link of the latest Txn Hash.

2. Fill up the giveaway form

The giveaway form will allow us to contact you and send you the prize money.

Giveaway link:

3. Share your swap on Twitter to x3 your chance of winning! (Optional)

Let us know how you feel about swapping on Atlas DEX on Twitter!

If you face any issues with swapping, contact our Support and FAQ page. Or our Discord where we have moderators active there.

If you haven’t tried a swap on Atlas, now is your chance to do so! Our giveaway ends on 12th March. We aim to disburse the prize money by the end of March.

💥 | Check out our website: Atlas DEX



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Atlas DEX

Pioneering the future of interoperability. Atlas DEX is a cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade native tokens seamlessly across leading chains.