Atlas DEX is launching $ATS Staking

Our team has been in build mode… we’re proud to announce that $ATS Staking is launching today!

User Interface for Staking on Atlas DEX

Once we’re live, go to Atlas DEX Staking!

What is staking?

Staking allows long-term token holders to be rewarded over time. It requires holders to put away or ‘stake’ their tokens into a staking pool.

$ATS staking is something our community has been keenly waiting for, so we wanted to share some information before launch!

How will staking work on Atlas DEX?

75% of our trading fee revenue will go to our $ATS staking pool! We wouldn’t be where we are without our community, and staking allows for $ATS token holders to share 75% of fees generated from trading.

  • 🔐 | Users will be able to stake and unstake their tokens at any time
  • 🤩 | Tokens are 100% unlocked when claimed
  • 🎉 | No withdrawal fees when unstaking tokens

In addition to rewards from fee revenue, xATS holders will be able to access exclusive benefits! We’ll be introducing a tiered reward structure for xATS holders in the coming weeks, but here’s a sneak peak of a few benefits…

  • 📄 | Whitelist priority for projects in the Atlas DEX ecosystem
  • ✅ | Eligibility for airdrops & NFT giveaways
  • ⚖️ | Governance (such as voting rights on project decisions)

New to staking?

Here’s a few things to know:

  1. Staked ATS = xATS
  2. APY indicates Annual Percentage Yield on your xATS
  3. The ratio of xATS to ATS = the multiplier of how much your ATS is worth when you unstake your xATS

Here’s an example:

  • If you stake 1,000 ATS, it becomes 1,000 xATS.
  • When you want to unstake your xATS and the stake pool’s ratio is at 1 xATS = 1.17 ATS, you receive 1,170 ATS when you unstake your 1,000 xATS.

We have published a helpful step-by-step guide in Gitbook on ‘$ATS Staking.

What’s next?

You might have noticed the $ATS staking UI design is slightly different to our cross-chain swap platform. (Hint: we’re experimenting with new look & feel!)

We’re continuing to build the Atlas DEX ecosystem, so make sure you stay tuned for more exciting launches.

Not a part of our community yet? It’s not too late to join.

💥 | Check out our platform at Atlas DEX



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