Atlas DEX is LIVE!

We are excited to announce the official launch of our cross-chain swap platform on Atlas DEX.

Launch our app here:

Powered by the decentralized & permissionless bridges, Atlas DEX enables users to swap between any tokens on any chain. In short, users will be able to swap token X on chain A to token Y on chain B (e.g. $SOL on Solana to $CAKE on BSC).

“Swapping and transferring assets between different blockchains can often be a complicated and lengthy process. We’re excited to simplify the process for our users with the launch of Atlas DEX.” — NFT Maximalist, Co-Founder of Atlas DEX

In Phase 1, we’re launching with swaps from Solana to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. We have also integrated with Jupiter Aggregator. Jupiter aggregates all of Solana’s DEXs offering the widest range of tokens and the best route discovery between any token pair on Solana. With this integration, our users will be able to swap tokens at the best price with minimal slippage.

The Atlas DEX logo, surrounded by Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon logos

Swapping on Atlas DEX

Swapping on Atlas DEX is easy. Simply select your source and target chain, connect your Web3 wallets and choose the assets you would like to transfer or swap.

Once the transactions are approved and confirmed, you will receive the assets in your wallet. You can follow our easy Step by Step Guide.

Image of the Atlas DEX cross-chain swap platform

What’s next for Atlas DEX

For Phase 2 of our cross-chain swap platform we will:

  • Enable two-way swaps
  • Integrate additional blockchains, such as Avalanche and Terra

With a long-term vision of becoming an all-in-one Decentralized Exchange, we will also be introducing several exciting features to Atlas DEX over the course of 2022. This includes (not limited to):

  • $ATS staking
  • Governance platform (DAO)
  • DeFi dashboard
  • Launchpad


  • We launched the Phase 1 of our cross-chain swap platform.
  • Next, we will be working on upgrades to the platform, including integration of more chains, introducing $ATS staking, DAO, DeFi Dashboard, and more.

Thank you for being a part of our community.



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Atlas DEX

Atlas DEX

Pioneering the future of interoperability. Atlas DEX is a cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade native tokens seamlessly across leading chains.