The road ahead for Atlas DEX | 2022&2023 Roadmap update

Exciting updates are coming for Atlas DEX users and the community, with improvements to our cross-chain swaps and new product expansions!

The Atlas DEX team is BUILD MODE ONLY🛠️

Here are some updates to our Roadmap for the next few quarters:

In Q3 2022,

Simplifying Fees: We are simplifying how gas fees are charged on cross-chain swaps. They will be charged only from the source chain.

SDK for Project Integrations: We will also be releasing our Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable projects to integrate with the Atlas DEX suite of dApps. Do reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating with us to improve the DeFi ecosystem.

Multi-Chain Dashboard: Our dashboard will allow you to see all your cryptocurrency and NFT holdings across the different chains and wallets. Allowing you to better manage your crypto holdings through our easy-to-use interface.

Community-created Liquidity Pools for any token: Create, contribute and earn from newly created liquidity pools on Atlas DEX.

In Q4 2022,

Cross-chain Launchpad: Our new launchpad will enable exciting new crypto and blockchain projects to launch their tokens on multiple chains at once. Unlocking greater cross-chain potential for new projects.

1:1 Stable Swaps across chains: Stablecoins will now be swapped from one chain to another at a 1:1 ratio, minimising the slippage from swaps.

Integration of Additional Chains: New chains will be added to the Atlas DEX Ecosystem. We are constantly looking for new chains and communities to integrate!

Bringing $ATS to EVM Chains: The token of our ecosystem, the Atlas DEX token ($ATS), will be native to EVM chains as well. Unlocking greater utility for the token.

Q1 2023,

Cross-chain Yield Aggregator R&D: We will begin the research and development of our cross-chain yield aggregator. Yet another product expansion by Atlas that is meant to excite our users!

Additional Product Offerings to be announced!

Let us know what you think about our new roadmap updates on our Twitter thread.

What are you looking forward to? What do you think will be helpful to you?

Do head down to our website to view the roadmap visualised as well!

Not a part of our community yet? It’s not too late to join.

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Pioneering the future of interoperability. Atlas DEX is a cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade native tokens seamlessly across leading chains.