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3 min readMar 29, 2022


Atlas DEX v2.0 launches in less than 24 hours, bringing DeFi users the ability to trade native tokens seamlessly across multiple chains. The core of DeFi is decentralization but we rely on centralized exchanges to bridge and trade assets across blockchains.

Our vision is to improve cross-chain interoperability in DeFi, so we are incredibly proud of what we’ve built.

Atlas DEX v2.0 is game changing because we’re bringing:

  • Cross-chain swaps to & from Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom
  • Access to trade over 1,500 native tokens (not just stablecoins!) and liquidity from over 130 DEXes across multiple blockchains

Our update also features improved UX and additional wallet options such as Solflare and Slope.

What makes us different to other ways to bridge tokens?

  • Decentralization | Centralized bridges also expose us to the custodial and counterparty risk. These custodians assume the risks of private key loss or theft either by external or internal malicious actors. In the event of a wallet compromise, the exchange may refuse or be unable to transfer the coins from their storage to the user’s wallet. There is a single point of failure, and these custodians must be trusted just as it is in traditional finance.
  • Make swaps, not just transfers | Decentralized bridges allow you to send Token A from one blockchain to another blockchain — but if you want to swap Token A from one blockchain, to Token B on another blockchain, you need to use a decentralised application (dApp) built on top of bridging technology, such as Atlas DEX.

How does Atlas DEX v2.0 work?

Atlas DEX is designed to be a single platform where people can seamlessly interact with multiple chains. We use Wormhole technology to ensure safe, secure and trustless bridging between blockchains.

For example, if you want to swap a USDC on Ethereum to JOE on Avalanche:

  1. Select the chain you want to swap from (Ethereum) and connect your wallet — this is where you’ll have USDC.
  2. Select chain you want to swap to (Avalanche) and connect your wallet — this is where you’ll receive JOE.
  3. Input the amount of USDC you want to swap for JOE and Atlas DEX will determine the optimal price for you.
  4. Follow the prompts, and Atlas DEX will use Wormhole technology to securely burn USDC on Ethereum & mint JOE on Avalanche in your desired amount.

Stay tuned for the Atlas DEX v2.0 launch on 30 March 2022, 12PM UTC.

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Atlas DEX
Atlas DEX Education

Pioneering the future of interoperability. Atlas DEX is a cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade native tokens seamlessly across leading chains.