Stable Swap | Product Feature release

Atlas DEX is excited to announce the launch of our new feature, Cross-chain Stable Swap. This feature has been months in the making, and is done in collaboration with our new integration partner Allbridge!

The Atlas DEX Stable Swap feature will provide cross-chain stable swaps with the tightest spreads and the lowest cost. Lowering the cost to move stablecoins around the DeFi chains will make DeFi transactions more efficient

Allbridge is a bridging solution that supports Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Tron. The Allbridge Core SDK is a cross-chain swap built specifically for dollar-pegged tokens (stablecoins). It operates without wrapping tokens and works by keeping liquidity pools for the supported tokens on each blockchain. Incoming tokens go into the pool, and the value of those tokens is sent via the messaging protocol to another chain, which is converted back to the tokens to be paid to the user.

The latest integration with Allbridge Core will facilitate a new routing option, enabling seamless swaps of the stablecoin assets between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, and Solana in a dedicated stable swap section.

Together, we aim to expand the selection of native cross-chain assets within a convenient user interface.

What are some of the user benefits?

The integration of Allbridge Core will provide tighter stablecoin swap spreads on top of the 1500+ token pairs we support. Simply by navigating to the “Stable Swap” window, users can swap between stablecoins at a better swap rate.

A USDT->USDC swap on Atlas DEX Stable Swap

Atlas DEX Stableswaps also provide a better swap rate when compared to other DEXs, DEX aggregators and bridges. From a simple comparison of swap rates, a swap of USDT from Binance to Ethereum on Atlas DEX yields 100.0629USDC. While a similar swap of USDT to USDC on 1Inch, one of the largest DEX Aggregators in DeFi, yields 99.874 USDC. This is a difference of 0.18%.

A USDT->USDC swap on 1Inch

Atlas DEX is excited to release our new feature and we invite you to try out our new stable swap feature, made with support from our partners at Allbridge Core.

Join the Atlas DEX community its fun in here!

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