Up to 1.5 Million $ATS to be rewarded to LP providers

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3 min readFeb 14, 2022


The Atlas DEX team has proudly announced that we have injected 1.5 million $ATS tokens into the Raydium Fusion Pool to reward our Liquidity Pool (LP) providers. The ATS-USDC LP which was recently launched, allows liquidity providers to expect a yield of up to 500% APR.

Raydium Liquidity Pool [Search for ATS-USDC LP]

Despite only setting up the Fusion Pool on Raydium for less than 2 weeks, the ATS-USDC LP has aggregated a Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $700k with over 65k $ATS tokens released. We are excited about the support and confidence our community has shown. Our Liquidity Pool reward campaign with Raydium will be ongoing until further announcements.

So go ahead and farm $ATS tokens to your heart’s content! We will continue to monitor the incentive pool to ensure that adequate farming rewards are given to our liquidity providers.

The importance of Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers help to facilitate the decentralised trading of $ATS tokens by pooling equal value of $ATS and USDC tokens and contributing them to the Liquidity Pool. Liquidity Pools occupy a large and important space in the DeFi ecosystem. They help facilitate swaps by making swaps faster and swap rates less volatile. The more liquidity gets included, the easier it is to trade $ATS tokens.

Not only do you contribute to the DeFi ecosystem, but by contributing your $ATS and USDC to the Liquidity Pool, you also get to earn $ATS tokens passively. Make full use of your $ATS tokens to farm more $ATS tokens.

$ATS token LP on Raydium Fusion Pool

The $ATS Liquidity Pool reward can then be harvested and further staked into the LP to compound your $ATS tokens.

In our previous tokenomics announcement, we shared that Private Investors of $ATS will have 90% of their tokens locked for either 6–9 months. This further allows retail Investors to make full use of our LP campaign to accumulate and farm $ATS tokens.

More utility and features of $ATS will be announced soon. We will be announcing the $ATS staking where you will be able to stake your tokens and farm more $ATS tokens while securing our network.

Risk of Liquidity Farming
Liquidity Farming is not without its risk.
Impermanence loss could occur. In short, impermanent loss means that the dollar value of a user’s crypto assets deposited to a liquidity pool could decline over time. Increased volatility could further the impermanence loss as well. However, rewards to the Liquidity Provider can offset the losses over time.

There are also smart contract risks associated. Having Raydium as a platform helps mitigate this as they are a reputable platform that has been rigorously audited.

We are determined to build the next generation of DeFi products for the DeFi community! Join our Liquidity Pool and get rewarded with $ATS tokens!

Link to the Raydium Farm
Read more about our LP at our Gitbook

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