Hello world, it is nice to meet you. We are Atlas Dynamics, and we create drones.

Our First Prosumer Drone — The Atlas YI Erida

Not just drones; the best drones available that are built according to our proprietary technology and design.

We’ve been working for quite some time on several products that are going to change the way people define “drone based solutions”, and we believe it is time to share our story and thinking with you.

The best way to start this journey is by defining what got us into this journey in the first place, and what keeps us going forward in the hard reality of a hardware startups.

Following Simon Sinek “Golden Circle” methodology, we also believe that when you talk about who you are, you should always start with “Why”.

So “Whats our belief? Why do we get out of bed in the morning, and why should anyone care?”

Technology Made Simple

Why? We do that because we are a company that believes that top tier technology should be accessible to solve everyday problems and by that generate value for business, society and the environment.

Redefine the Industry

How? We are redefining “drone based solutions” by redefining the super young drone industry with disruptive technology made simple and seamless. We are dedicated to utilize the most advanced technology and the power of design to address our customers’ most basic needs.

Above All; By Design

What? We are building unmanned vehicles that combine the most advanced technology and design in both hardware and software. We created a proprietary technology that is based on (1) a unique and patented folding Tricopter design that reduced drag and energy, (2) a full carbon fiber body and (3) in-house mission control software, all of the above are made by our manufacturing partners according to our unique specs, with no off-the-shelf components.

The folded Erida makes it easy to store and carry the drone

These unique abilities give our drone many advantages, the biggest one being flight time: 45 min for the Erida, and more then 60 for our Atlas Pro.

We have the ability to do so due to one factor — The Atlas team and partners. Our founders are legends in the field of aeronautics, building drones from an early age, winning every competition and working in the most advanced aerial industries. Our team is assembled from aviation experts, hardware and software engineers and designers that are flight freaks, and understand the potential advantages that a professional drone industry can contribute to society. Our partners are great manufactures, camera companies and utilities experts, and they all share our passion: to make this world a bit better, using drones.

In the next blogs we are going to tell you our story, expose you to new ideas and materials, and share several lessons that we’ve learned in our journey as a hardware startup, that is aiming to redefine the way we solve problems.

Until the next time,

Take care,


For any questions, you are welcome to visit our FB page, or address us via Atlas’ Twitter or my Twitter.

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