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AirHelp Transforms Their Marketing Team for Agile Decision Making by Securing Local Talent

“The people we recruited through Atlas One were essential for us to be able to achieve our strategy for 2019.” -Paloma Salmeron, Head of Communications at AirHelp

Having assisted over seven million people to claim airline compensation in just five years, the team at AirHelp is consistently growing and evolving to meet new challenges. Head of Communications Paloma Salmeron explains that facing into 2019, the company were seeking to restructure the marketing team so that they could make faster decisions in a more informed way. The search for the right people was proving particularly difficult:

“In some cases they were really specialised positions but in most cases the problem was that they were positions that were very hard to recruit for because the talent pool wasn’t that large.”

“We were really struggling to find a partner that was going to be able to source local talent and get us the kind of experience we needed for quite a dynamic business model and environment.”

One of the most defining aspects of the search at Atlas One is the time we take to listen and understand the needs of our customers and build a profile of the perfect candidate. Paying attention to detail from the outset consistently results in a smoother, more effective interview process:

“Whenever the candidates would start coming in for us to evaluate, they were already so close to the actual profile of what we needed that we were able to review people and move along quite quickly. It meant that we didn’t have to go through the process of rebriefing and going back to the drawing board.”

The Atlas One team has successfully placed 9 new employees to date, including Head of Branding, Marketing Manager, and Campaign Manager. Overall, the marketing team saw a fresh revamp, and Atlas One also provided support for talent relocation where necessary:

“The people we recruited through Atlas One were essential for us to be able to achieve our strategy for 2019. Being able to work with Atlas One and being able to recruit all of those people ahead of kicking off with 2019 and all the growth that it comes with was essential for the structure that we needed”.

The Subscription Model

The Atlas One Subscription Model spreads the total recruitment fee evenly over 20 months. The fee for traditional recruitment models is generally paid over the first 10 weeks. AirHelp found confidence with Atlas One in that they did not feel like they had to rush to decide if a candidate was suitable at the expense of the whole amount:

“With traditional recruitment agencies, you have to pay a set fee very quickly, and it doesn’t give us time to assess whether the person that is joining the team is a real fit. You’re on a sliding scale in which you have to pay 10% of the total recruitment fee each week. The model that Atlas One provides is really good in a way that we have longer time to assess whether that person was a real good fit”.


Lead recruiters at Atlas One were always on hand to provide expert guidance to Airhelp in realizing certain aspects of the profiles they were looking to build:

“In the cases where we weren’t so certain about what it was that we needed, they were able to work with us to complement that brief so that we were able to find someone who would really suit our needs.”

“Even when we weren’t very clear about what we needed because we weren’t able to assess it yet, they were able to give us a few options through talking to candidates and through that exploration phase”.


Ultimately, the team at Atlas One placed the perfect candidates at Airhelp where other recruitment agencies had not succeeded. This was achieved through determination and creativity when the search got tough:

“In most cases, we had clear minds about what we needed. Atlas One would take that brief, make it a reality and find those people. Even when it looked like it was impossible to find a candidate with the requirements we needed, they never gave up, always continued to look, and were able to find candidates that other recruitment agencies had failed to find.”

Positions We Hired For

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Influencer Marketer
  • Social Media Campaign Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Copywriter

Whether you’re restructuring or starting from scratch, Atlas One can help.

Visit to learn more.




Grow with confidence with all the tools, talent experts, and outcomes to scale from seed to exit. The Atlas One LIVE Talent Platform is your Remote Recruiting Department. Visit to learn more.

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