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Big Talent, Big Results: How AMX, a Global Leading Partner for Smartsheet, Got Started

Atlas One Helps AMX More Than Quadruple Its Team of Solutions Consultants Within A Year

Agile Management Experts (AMX) is a solution partner for Smartsheet, the leading work execution platform for enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. Starting as a team of two, they needed to scale their team of Solutions Consultants quickly.

Founder Sebastian Paasch was unhappy with the results from a different recruitment agency before reaching out to Atlas One based on a recommendation. Less than a year later, key hires produced by the partnership have helped AMX become the only Smartsheet Platinum Solution Partner in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

How do you find talent when you don’t have a known brand?

A two-person startup at the time, AMX was yet to establish its reputation. It was difficult for the company to attract talented individuals who would otherwise look to big names such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Goldman Sachs.

As Sebastian put it, “I needed consultants with a similar profile — very intelligent, can find out the exact issues of a customer, map processes, find bottlenecks, think about solutions and also implement them. It’s a very broad level of skill and finding these people is hard.”

They needed help from a recruitment partner who can produce candidates with the skill set they were looking for.

Shared Risk Means Shared Success

Sebastian was hesitant because of his experience with another firm. The previous agency was not able to deliver the desired results, but they still had to pay the recruitment fees.

“The old agency had another model and I was completely not satisfied. This is why I decided on Atlas One — because we have a shared risk. If you don’t find the candidate, I don’t have to pay after three months,” said the AMX founder.

Instead of having to pay upfront, Atlas One spreads the recruitment costs over 12 months. If a candidate leaves the company before that period is over, the subscription ends as well.

A dedicated talent partner also worked with Sebastian to fine-tune the search. Once they determined the exact profile needed, the process resulted in candidates who were a great fit for the role:

“Atlas One, especially Eoghan, was very good in finding these people and motivating them for my company.” Confident with the partnership, Sebastian added, “I just give him feedback after I interview a candidate — what was good, what was not that good — and then he adapts his search.”

The Right Team Produces the Right Results

The first candidate hired by AMX started in March 2020 and “was a very good fit.” According to Sebastian, “he learned our platform within two or three weeks and went billable to the client pretty fast. He also loves the work and has developed well from a personal and professional standpoint.”

The company had to temporarily stop hiring because of the uncertainty brought by COVID-19. Working with Atlas One gave them the flexibility to pause the search for new candidates until it made sense to resume the recruitment process. When AMX returned to growth after two months, they started hiring three people at the same time.

Within a year of that first hire, AMX has grown to 9 highly skilled Solutions Consultants. Each member has contributed to the company achieving Smartsheet Platinum Partner status. Sebastian plans to continue hiring via Atlas One to build a team of up to 25 people by the end of 2021.

“Overall, I’m very satisfied.”

Key Takeaways

  • Startup founders need cost-effective solutions that can help their company grow fast.
  • Traditional recruitment agencies have high upfront fees, but the results aren’t always guaranteed.
  • Atlas One’s subscription recruiting reduces initial costs and shares the risk. Save your capital for your growth and receive better, more qualified candidates.
  • Have confidence that you’re working with a talent partner who is committed to helping you succeed.

Positions We Hired For

  • Strategic Account Executive x2
  • Solutions Consultant x6

Want to find the best talent without the risk?

Let’s discuss your hiring and growth targets that will help take your company from startup to scale-up. Visit and schedule a recruitment strategy call to get started.




Grow with confidence with all the tools, talent experts, and outcomes to scale from seed to exit. The Atlas One LIVE Talent Platform is your Remote Recruiting Department. Visit to learn more.

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