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Freska Fuels Growth From $5M to $20M ARR by Expanding Management and Tech Teams

“With subscription recruiting, it’s so much easier on your own cash flow, it’s easier to plan and it’s easier to recruit knowing that you don’t need to pay it all now”. -Sebastian Heinrichs, Co-Founder and Group CEO at Freska

Freska first teamed up with Atlas One in the final months of 2017. The company was just about to close its Series-A investment round and had between 40 and 50 employees. It was time to take the business to the next level and make a number of key hires for the management and technical teams.

Heinrichs explains why he chose Atlas One over competitors:

“I took proposals from about 5 different agencies, and I chose to work with Atlas One. They were clearly very professional and skilled. They had a good track record and they understood our problems. Many of the others that we contacted really didn’t have a proper understanding of the startup space or the pain points that we were trying to solve.”

For Heinrichs, working with Atlas One demonstrated to him how much it mattered to understand the roles before engaging in the hiring process:

“First we had an idea of what we wanted. Then, we brainstormed, and the Atlas One team were good at digging out what I actually needed rather than what I thought I needed. Once we figured that out, they helped me drafted a job description, and after that the initial sourcing started. They were really transparent on the long list. We made some adjustments together. Quite early on we had meetings with some candidates for me to get a feel for what I wanted more of and also what I wasn’t looking for. We adjusted the list accordingly, landed on a shorter list, and arranged some meetings with the candidates we were targeting”.

Heinrichs expresses great satisfaction with the hires made through Atlas One.

“Overall, we made 10 hires with Atlas One for both our management team and our tech team”.

“We’ve decided to work with Atlas One again and they’re currently helping us with some more technical positions”.

Freska co-founder and CEO Sebastian Heinrichs lists three main advantages he experienced by recruiting through Atlas One.


Atlas One’s position as a remote company meant that the recruitment team was able to visit the Freska headquarters and get a feel for the culture of the company. This gave a deeper understanding of the roles that needed to be filled and who would suit them best:

“They took the chance to come and visit our team. I think that was great, because they got a feel for the culture, and I think that’s what they were trying to convey when they were contacting people. They described the culture to candidates and that was one of our angles throughout the whole process: that our culture came first”


The Subscription Model is another important reason why Freska has chosen to take on more employees through Atlas One:

“The pricing model is just awesome.”

“I think it’s just so much easier for us to say yes to 5% of the fee per month than it is to commit to an unknown result and fee and many thousands on the outset.”

“Purely from a cash flow perspective, startups tend to fundraise every 9–18 months. If you have a payment period of 20 months, it’s so much easier on your own cashflow, it’s easier to plan and it’s easier to recruit knowing that you don’t need to pay it all now. It leaves a buffer”.


Heinrichs asserts that the combination of speed and efficiency with positivity and professionalism were essential to Atlas One’s communication strategy:

“It was very professional, with quick action and a great end result.”

“I think the super quick responses were important for us. The team were very patient too, and very positive even in times when it was difficult”.

Positions We Hired For

  • CTO
  • UX Designer x2
  • Backend Developer x2
  • Frontend Developer
  • Senior Data Analyst

The Right Talent Makes All the Difference

Check out Atlas One today to learn how you can start hiring with confidence.




Grow with confidence with all the tools, talent experts, and outcomes to scale from seed to exit. The Atlas One LIVE Talent Platform is your Remote Recruiting Department. Visit to learn more.

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