Thoughts from Atlas AI’s new Head of Sales

By Andre Parris, Global Sales Director

Atlas AI Admin
Jul 23 · 2 min read

I joined Atlas AI because of the caliber of the team and because of the company’s focus on solving client problems in data-sparse environments thorough groundbreaking techniques in artificial intelligence. It is no coincidence that these areas are often the ones with the least sufficient resources and the highest need for modern technological advances that use data to make life on Earth better.

At Atlas AI, we are executing an ambitious agenda, while simultaneously building a corporate culture to be proud of. One that as the company grows and changes, will stay intact. And one that puts our employees first. If we do that, we’ll be better able to successfully serve our clients.

Some key lessons I’ve learned from my personal and professional journey that should emphasize how I view Atlas AI:

We have clients, not customers.

— You are not transactions. If we do our jobs well, we get paid by helping you solve your problems. Our goal is to continue to grow with you throughout your business journey and ours.

Corporate culture matters and should always be at the top of your business agenda.

— I firmly believe in diversity and inclusivity. This means opinions, backgrounds, and professional experience. I have found that bringing different angles to a challenge provides greater likelihood of success.

— Don’t be afraid to “challenge up.” An inclusive environment is one in which the best ideas, regardless of where they came from, rise to the top. I will listen, evaluate, and then help guide the execution of those ideas into something successful, scalable, and repeatable.

— Meaningful work should be acknowledged. I always make sure that where the credit is deserved, the credit is given.

Teamwork matters.

— There is a difference between a leader and a boss. I lead by having emotional intelligence and by providing a clear vision for the team. I am not afraid of the buck stopping with me.

— I am obsessed with winning, but helping the squad win gives me greater joy.

— I spent tens of thousands of hours in my youth training to play soccer and one of the most rewarding and successful experiences was being a part of an Ivy League team that made it to the Final Four. There were those with more talent, but we were the best team. A lot of times it is the best team and not the most talented that wins.

Empathy is foundational in leadership.

— Two ears and one mouth. I listen because I want to understand others’ challenges and ensure that they are heard and recognized.

— I believe in putting others before myself.

— I believe in achieving goals and winning, but not at a cost to employees.

I’m always keen to meet new people and hear new perspectives. Reach out to me if you want to talk about the latest tech, how to solve your business problems, or soccer. I’m looking forward to Atlas AI doing some special things and putting our own large dent in the universe.

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