Atlas Protocol Bi-Weekly Update

Welcome to Atlas Protocol Bi-weekly Report (July 30, 2018), where we release the latest developments and progress of the Atlas Protocol project.

The Atlas Protocol Biweekly report is maintained by the Atlas Protocol team.

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Last week’s dynamic summary

◢ Atlas Protocol Receives Boost from Fenbushi

Atlas Protocol announced that it was the beneficiary of investment from Fenbushi Capital in July. Founded in October 2015, Fenbushi Capital has a philosophy which involves focusing on the reputation and background of a blockchain startup team, as well as its technical products and business development capabilities. The ATP team boasts a number of ex-Googlers, including senior engineers, and has extensive experience in Internet advertising channels. Atlas Protocol is an infrastructure for tokenized marketing,committed to building a new interactive form of marketing based on blockchain transactions.

◢ Duran Liu and Cheng Li joint attendance online live sharing

July 26, two co-founders of the ATP, Duran Liu and Cheng Li, joint attended the online live sharing held by Bibi News, revealed the onchain interactive marketing media. The two founders told the entire mental journey about how they leave from Google and all in to blockchain. Also, the reason of creating ATP. At the end, they answered the hot issues for audiences. The sharing has broadcasted in multiple groups.

Atlasp Protocol Chinese official website online

The Atlas Protocol official website was launched on July 20, 2018. Stay tuned for follow-up updates! Address:

We are warmly welcome volunteers from various nations to join us, helping in the translation of different language version of websites or community articles.

Product development progress

◤ SmartAirdrop development progress

Based on the Nebulas Rank, the Atlas Protocol project has developed a new SmartAirdrop product that allows users to participate in fun interactions with SmartAirdrop and get more feedback. By now, the development of SmartAirdrop has entered the third round of internal testing, there will be more gameplay updates that are both technical and interesting.The product will be available in the near future.

About Atlas Protocol

The Atlas Protocol is a Tokenized Marketing Protocol, which aims to create a blockchain marketing native infrastructure.

A number of partners have announced their participation in the Atlas Protocol ecosystem partners union. Multi-party deep cooperation aims to create more effective interaction and marketing channels for blockchain applications.

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