ATP Smartdrop Campaign is About Ending

Led by Atlas Protocol (ATP) and Nebulas Council, the ATP Smartdrop application has been almost finished. The application portal in NAS nano is about to stop service.

For the users who hold their Mainnet NAS coin on, please pay attention to the relevant announcements by

The completion of this ATP Smartdrop campaign provesthat Atlas Smartdrop has been implemented successfully. In the future, users can receive more positive feedbacks through new kinds of on-chain interactive advertising contents by Atlas Protocol.


1. All information about ATP Smartdrop application should be subject to the relevant official announcements issued by Atlas Protocol;

2. Please pay attention to the fake applications, false messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, etc. The Atlas team WILL NOT ask users for private keys — please be aware of potential frauds!

3. Atlas Protocol assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by users’ personal fault or third parties during the application.

Any questions related to application, please send an email to

Atlas Protocol

October 24 , 2018