Photo by Jason Seagle

Consumer Show #11

Consumer Show at Switchyards is a night of five minute long presentations by five B2C startups in Atlanta. While there are plenty of these gatherings all over the city, Consumer Show appeals to me because of its format. Every presentation is a time-boxed pitch on what the company does, why it is succeeding and what’s on the horizon. Consumer Show humanizes each company at the event by asking them to answer two simple questions:

  1. What did they do well that helped?
  2. What can the community do for them?

Pitch decks and dramatic demos are largely choreographed performances that depend on the presentation’s abilities and have no relation to the actual company itself. My favorite part of the night is when companies talk about what they did well and what they ask from the community. Here’s a round up of how the companies answered #donewell at Consumer Show #11:

  • I’mBenTheRooster created holiday packages for their prospective customers to make it easy to decide to purchase. They also are a fan of moving quickly to get feedback from customers instead of spinning wheels.
  • BuffBoxx resonated GottaGolf’s (Consumer Show #10) strategy of leveraging Instagram influencers to drive traffic to their service.
  • GetColour is a bootstrapped business and proud of it. They seemed to miss the memo of mentioning just one #donewell and listed a whole lot of them: empowering businesswomen, constantly get feedback, and ensure great customer experience.
  • Mixle had a hustler’s mentality to creating a buzz — they did local events serving their potential customers which helped them local and national media coverage and exponentiated the visitor count.
  • Umano was a crowd favorite. Their strategy to success was being bootstrapped for five years! That time let them focus on brand and identity which is now their biggest asset.

That’s it for Consumer Show #11. Next Consumer Show (#12) is on February 2, 2017. See you there!