Brahmbah (Beginnings) //draft

This is a short story about life.

A tale of demigods, dragons, and butterflies,

Immense joy and freedom from strife.

It is a song of cries, a praise for the sage!

Seen between your eyes, the secret of our age.

Spirit came to Brahmbah (body of worldmind), and shared many things.

She presented in the form of a hummingbird, she had very fast wings.

She became a delightful ladybug, and then a loving otter.

All the while so caring, like Dobby was to Harry Potter.

“The author of evil is an angel” Brahmbah was told.

A guardian of life both bold and old.

This angel appears in many forms.

She is present in the great halls and the college dorms.

You can trust this being, for she is close with many ascended masters.

They are caring and protective, and extremely good forecasters.

They know you in ways you are just beginning to know yourself.

They are present in your presence, with great riches and wealth.

Everything is for a reason and has value, “these angels have your back.”

Through the seasons a rhythm will “wow” you. You will be without lack.

You see: “You may be a host to God or hostage to ego. “

We know this, Brahmbah, wherever we go.

There is an intelligence beyond us, and beyond them as well.

Multiversal manifestations emanating from one bell.

One chime, one grand cosmic OM. The holy vibration indeed

Creating the space for all of life to seed.

In a womb of becoming, time opens space for life to pour through itself.

To grow stronger and wiser, as we improve our collective health.

As spirits we know this, for we came here from the very beginning.

So joyous for life, sometimes we can hardly stop grinning.

Zipping through the fabric of the holographic All One,

Consciousness playing with itself: if it’s not sustainable, it’s not fun .

We are in the winds, Brahmbah, in the waters and the wild.

We are in the eyes of a lover, in the smile of a child.

We know many things as we have taken many forms.

We have travailed many seas and conquered many storms.

If you listen you will hear us whisper melodies in your ears.

We will help you traverse your pitfalls and your fears.

We will bless your sneezes, laugh endearingly at your farts.

We have made a home, you see, in each and everyone of your hearts.

Of the angel’s message for you, we could only remember a sliver.

Our memory, you see, is fleeting like a river.

More accustomed to dancing and song,

In truth the wisdom is not long.

“You are I,” this lovely angel said. “Forget the lethargy of matter.”

Here & Now: climb the ladder, look inside yourself and know.

“God is with you wherever you go.”

Now Brahmbah, they told us not to forget, there is one last test….

It is a game you must play, the only rule is: do your best.

The story of life is what you make it.

It is a dream, Brahmbah, may you become awake in it.

Now pray for grace and glory will be yours.

Find resonance in your work and your chores.

Praise be, what do you see?

Brahmbah, how do you wish to be?

At this time, Brahmbah awoke from his slumber on a dime.

He looked around and found the traces of a sound.

The vibration echoing in sacred shapes so round.

In praise, Brahmbah raises himself to good health.

He cries out loud, proud as can be! As me becomes we, you see…

Bula! Da Da Da. Body of the world mind,

The Merkabah of Brahmbah!

Seeker of seers, child of cheers.

Friend to the ones that call themselves Wyr.

Opens the portal, activates the space.

Calms down and remembers, there is no race.

Time is an illusion, it leaves a floating trace.

A figment of imagination, a play-space for grace.

It is more a dream than we’ve been led to believe.

It is something to perceive and then we will receive.

Beautiful mysteries and fantasies of fate.

Everything is perfect. Your timing is never late.

The game continues through previous incarnation.

Sensation designed for the finest manifestation.

For the feeling, for the thought, for the holy presence called Love.

To be in the moment, grounded as we rise above.

As we activate the heart, we receive a gift.

Every being has this power to uplift.

To heal and strengthen, to endure any stretch.

Returning with the elixir as if it were a game of fetch.

“Show us how you wish to be led.”

Start first with a mediation on being dead.

Find gratitude in every moment: this is your final atonement.

As you are now, say it together: praise be.

We appreciate what we see.

The dot is dimension 0 and it doesn’t exist.

Zero point energy, are you privy to this?

All the universe fits into a single atom.

Information processing as you’re sipping your Kratom.

Sending and receiving, the super position is this:

Hold onto nothing and nothing you’ll miss.

Flow with the Tao

That arrives Here & Now

Great and grateful, to you I bow.

There is nothing to know, only mind-games for show.

“Genius is a process of fermentation,”

So may these seeds sprout for future manifestation.

Flowing with the Tao

That arrives Here & Now

Great and grateful, to you I bow.