Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games
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1 min readJan 13, 2019


Meandering through a morning mantra…

Sunday morning and the clouds are thick.

Peering through the shell like a baby chick…

I am in awe of what I see.

Could it be, all this is really me?

Infinite consciousness layered through fractals like a tree;

In this life, is there a key?

Is there a purpose, is there a way through?

What do we imagine we are here to do?

To play, to dance, to survive and reproduce?

Whatever it is I will keep it loose…

Silly goose! Thinking is what has you sinking.

Be light and find the delight in play.

Go, now, have a lovely fucking day.



Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games

Every step is on the path.