Morning Musings, Part I

Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games
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1 min readJan 15, 2019


Synchronous happenings of divine intervention.

Thinking happenstances created by your attention.

As you believe in yourself,

perceive in yourself the holy spark.

Receiving direction from the four winds,

where there is no X there is no mark.

As you cross time and space,

as you recognize yourself in the environment,

You look into the face of God in his retirement.

Gaze into the future of your being

through this seeing.

Consciousness decreeing in this great agreeing:

The mighty goddess of Gaia forever reborn.

Beyond the illusions of Maya there is no scorn.

Here and now, as one with the Tao

Eternal in our pursuit, we bow.



Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games

Every step is on the path.