Rocks and Rewards of Faith

Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games
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1 min readJan 13, 2019


Deepening into my soul. I feel whole.

Waking up in the early morning and the light is dull.

There is a smile on my face, a saving grace.

New adventures of becoming, ain’t nothin to chase.

I am still. I am free. I am liberated now I see.

It is all dream, how do we wish to be?

Grateful. Loving. Inspiration, as if a key.

To breathe life into me I recognize the we.

Letting things flow, cultivating Qi.

It’s quite beautiful, do you agree?

To feel so free you can’t stop laughing.

Empowered in your creation, in your crafting.

I pick up a rock and I bless this earth.

I feel into my heart and see all that we shall birth.

I see community, I see the people and the tribes.

I see the weaving and the achieving, I feel the good vibes.

Love everlasting, what a delight!

Creative harmony, a beautiful sight.



Brian Hoffstein
Atman Games

Every step is on the path.