Roulette: How to Design Innovative Solutions for Your Product

The Roulette of Design

Case: The Odyssey of Waiting for the Hamburger

There are many platforms and few original design solutions.

Let’s do it

This concept was started by Javi: We went from an experience based on maps, to another where friends became ingredients to build and win a hamburger.
Scan to a friend when you see it to get prizes? Maybe it’s easier to invite him to eat a hamburger and play Mario Kart!
Checkpoints on a map, profiles of people who develop hamburgers faster and exchange promos between loyal customers to the business …
Coupons to share with your friends, a new game inspired by the casinos and a much more fun map …
Augmented reality, discovery of hidden products in your neighborhood, ranking of loyal customers … endless possibilities!

Tweaking the Concept

It’s Showtime

This is the result we reached: A fun and rewarding way to wait for your burger to arrive :).


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Minami Stories

Thoughts on Creativity, Design and Innovation