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Footprints in the sands of time

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This life is short so make it special

There is no better time in Life better than now, always makes the most of it. People think about something which has not taken place or about something in the past which they could have done better.

I know it's hard to change, but it is the mindset that needs repair. It actually doesn't matter what you Wanna be. “Anything is possible with the right mindset.”

Knowing what you want in life is the first step to anything you wanted to achieve, what I mean by this; whenever you have a will to achieve something I want you to write it down in a diary, not only you write it down but explain it. The more you explain your desire with a clear mindset, you are most likely to achieve it soon.

What happens when you write it down? When you write it down, you are most likely to think about it and when you do, get a clear picture of it how you want to achieve it, By this time it must be clear that how your dreams can be true.

If it doesn't? Take a step back and break it into smaller targets, which on a day-to-day basis can be done. This will motivate you and build you up as you go.

Dream Bigger And Achieve Greater

It is said that life is short and that I will not agree; it is the desire to live long is short. Counting by memories rather than by age, only a few had lived.

By writing this I would humbly request my readers to always seek to be kind and do good deeds, that can not only change the lives of many but also allow you to be remembered for generations.

As I would always say,

Dreams are unmaterialized reality

Build your life around based upon your Highest dreams, make it a reality-based upon strength. Trust the process and believe in yourself can make it a reality.

Always dream bigger because no dream is bigger, and no actions are smaller, Always work smart and be known for your great deeds, Value your self and Be the Best.

Because you are Worth it



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Mithun Suresh

Mithun Suresh

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