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Community Update #22

Hello again, fellow Atmosians. This week, we explored some more behind the scenes content, answered questions in our first Discord office hours, and heard from the Head of Community.

Exordium | Chapter 02

As we prepare for the upcoming release of the next installment of Exordium, our nine-part comic series, Atmos Labs’ Creative Director Tommy Lee Edwards shared a sneak peek into some of the artwork he is crafting for the cover. Exordium is the world’s introduction to the hostile planet of Atmos. Covered in noxious gas and rolling storms, populated with poisonous flora and murderous fauna, Atmos is a world of the most violent extremes.

Set 500 years in the future and 192 light years away, the series follows a season of ExoGP — the competitive flight-based racing league on Atmos — through the experiences of a few of its competitors. Freeminers and revolutionaries, gang members and void-pirates, Exo racers and corporate overlords, all living in a constant state of contention, honing their skills against one another, vying for power and wealth.

Watch it all unfold on the pages of Exordium. Stay tuned on Twitter and in the Atmos Discord for more information on how to get your copy of Exordium Chapter 02.

Origins w/ Dariusz Jakubowski

In continuation of our YouTube series ‘Origins’, we spoke with Atmos Labs’ Head of Community Dariusz Jakubowski. As a digital anthropologist, Dariusz has a unique perspective on community building, understanding both the individual and collective needs of a growing community and how to harmonize those with one another.

You can watch the rest of this interview as well as those from other members of the Atmos Labs team on our YouTube channel. We will continue to post additional content on this channel, so don’t forget to subscribe.

Stop by the Discord to say hi to Dariusz, chat about Atmos & anthropology, and contribute to the community we are building together.

Polls and Feedback

We always want to learn more about our community members and what they want to see more of in the Atmos community. Last week, we polled the community for optimal office hours wherein folks can ask members of the Atmos team their questions in real time. This week we asked for feedback regarding community content and what they’d like to see more of.

It was a close match with ‘Behind The Scenes Content (BTS) and Art’ edging out a close win over ‘AMAs’ and ‘Game Nights’. We will continue to bring all three to the table with an added push for more BTS content and art. Watch out for more polls as we continue to learn and grow together.

Community Highlights

For this week’s community call-out we’d like to acknowledge and appreciate everyone in the community. Whether you’ve been an OG member watching our community grow or you’ve just joined the collective we, you’re still very early when it comes to Atmos.

We understand that there are many reasons community members come and go and the current shake-up in the Crypto space is certainly a reason many folks might have some trepidation to participate. So if you’re still here and on board for the ride, we offer our sincerest gratitude for your support and look forward to the future. Buckle up!



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