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Community Update #28

Greetings, Atmosians — it’s time for this week’s Community Update. We hope the new calendar year has been treating you well and we are excited for what comes next. This week we announced the upcoming release of the next chapter of Exordium and an exciting new collaboration, answered questions during Office Hours, and gave away some Atmos collectibles.

Exordium Continues

We announced the upcoming release of Chapter 02 from the Exordium comic series. As many of you already know, Exordium Chapter 02 is being released as a FREE MINT! If you are the proud owner of any official Atmos Digital Collectible (MKIV Datacard, Exordium Ch 01, and/or MKIV Proto Helm) you will have the first opportunity to mint Ch 02 during phase 1 starting at 2PM PT on January 25th. A snapshot of all asset-containing wallets will be taken on January 24th to confirm ownership prior to mint.

Join our Premint allowlist to be eligible to mint during phase 2, which will be followed by a free public mint if supply remains. Supply is set at 3000 and you’ll be able to mint up to 3 comics per wallet. To learn more about the Exordium comic series, please visit our website.

Stronger Together

We announced an exciting collaboration with Balthazar Dao this week. Our communities will be sharing ideas and trading benefits as we grow together. We look forward to a long relationship with the folks at Balthazar and we encourage you to follow them and visit their website to check out all that they are doing to support the Web3 gaming industry.

Have a suggestion for folks you’d like us to reach out to? Come let us know in Discord.

We Hear You

We hosted our latest ‘Office Hours’ in the Atmos Discord on 1.13.23. Community members had the opportunity to post their inquiries in the ‘AMA Questions’ channel ahead of time and also chat live during the event, where Atmos Labs’ Founder & CEO Kevin Beauregard was on hand to deliver the answers.

We appreciate those who participated and gave away 5 MKIV Datacards to show our gratitude. We also gifted a MKIV Proto Helm to the best question of the day. Congratulations to our winners — sunnydz.eth, Gritbeat, aris.kamvysis, refined, JayK, & Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots. Thank you all for joining us and stay tuned for the next Atmos Office Hours which we will be announcing soon.

Community Highlights

For this week’s community highlight we’d like to appreciate everyone who participated in our Office Hours. We do our best to give you as much information as possible and these Office Hours are your opportunity to dig deeper and our opportunity to keep the community as updated and informed as possible. Thank you aris.kamvysis, sunnydz.eth, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots, JayK, and others for your enthusiasm and for helping us keep our community enlightened.

Building A Foundation

“The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid”

— Thomas A Kempis

Building an entire world from scratch is a tremendous undertaking and we are fervently laying the foundation. We have a host of exciting plans laid out for 2023 and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.



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