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Community Update #29

Another week on Atmos means another Community Update to keep our citizens informed. This week, members of the team talked Atmos and more with Adult Fantasy’s NFT Evening Alpha Podcast and we began sharing an inside look at Exordium Chapter 02 ahead of the upcoming mint. We are less than a week away from mint and the enthusiasm is through the roof down at Pleasance Station.

The Countdown Has Begun

As we get ready for the release of Exordium Chapter 02, the countdown has begun. Exordium Chapter 02 will be offered as a FREE MINT! Holders of any official Atmos Digital Collectible (MKIV Datacard, Exordium Ch 01, and/or MKIV Proto Helm) will be added to the allowlist for phase 1 of the mint starting at 2PM PT on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. A snapshot of all asset-containing wallets will be taken on January 24th to confirm ownership prior to mint. A reminder, this is at the wallet level, meaning a maximum of 3 mints per allowlisted or snapshot wallet. Chapter 02 can be minted directly on the Exordium page or in the Atmos Portal.

Anyone else can sign up on our Premint allowlist for eligibility to mint during phase 2 and, if supply remains, it will be public until mint out. The supply for the mint is 3000 and each allowlisted or snapshot address can mint up to 3 comics.

Evening Alpha

We connected with the fine folks at Adult Fantasy NFT, a character-based web3 entertainment project, who invited the Atmos team to join their NFT Evening Alpha Podcast for some great conversation. On Wednesday, January 18, Atmos Labs’ Founder & CEO Kevin Beauregard and VP of Marketing Richard Ng chatted with host Todd Wahnish about Atmos, comics, fandom, storytelling and the future of Web3 Gaming. We also gave away digital copies of Exordium to a few lucky attendees during the event. If you were unable to attend, you can still listen back to the recording.

Have a suggestion for another project or community you’d like us to connect with? Drop by the Atmos Discord and let us know.

Rolling Out The Roles

Did you know that verifying ownership of your Atmosian digital assets gives you access to exclusive content, private holder-specific channels, and other benefits? Whether you’re a MKIV Datacard holder, a MKIV Proto Helm holder, an Exordium holder, or any combination of the three, you can access exclusive benefits by verifying ownership of each asset in the Atmos Portal.

The process for verifying ownership of your Atmosian digital asset:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the red button at the top of the page “Enter the Portal”
  3. Connect and sign from a Metamask wallet, using Ethereum
  4. Create a Call Sign (username) and enter a valid email address
  5. Verify the email address by using the verification link sent to the supplied address
  6. Navigate to the “Assets” section of the portal
  7. Click the menu (three dots) on each asset to view the asset and any bonus content that may be attached
  8. The Discord Roles will be automatically granted soon after verification is completed

Community Highlights

For this week’s highlight we’d like to call attention to a couple of OG Community Members who we haven’t seen for a little while. We know life can be a rollercoaster, on Atmos and beyond, so we always appreciate seeing old friends. Every contribution to our community is important and valuable — thank you Hawaiian Hammer & kcaryths for your long term commitment to Atmos!



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