Community Update #44 — The Rumblings of Rivalry

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3 min readMay 5


The world of Atmos continues to expand and evolve. There’s been a lot happening behind the curtains, in terms of internal playtesting, track configurations, spectatorship, and the broader experience of life on Atmos. We also took time to play chess with our gaming cohorts, launched the new portal, and used AI with members of the community to stimulate ExoGP team loyalties and rivalries through song.

Check, Mate

The friendly battles continued this week, as we took part in another chess tournament with our fellow game warriors, Mecha Fight Club. Winners took home prizes from either camp, including Exordium comics, an MKIV Datacard, a Limited Edition Prototype Helm, and a coveted “bok-kun” from MFC. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to our winners.

Portal 2.0

ICYMI, we launched a new version of the Atmos Portal with more functionality and features to make it more powerful and easy to use. It will be the home base for the new Atmos experiences we are currently building.

Here are a few of the new ways to use the Portal:

  1. Create an account and login with only your email address, a wallet is no longer required. It’s also easier to view the Portal on mobile devices.
  2. Browse all Atmos collectibles in the Portal, not just the ones you own.
  3. View attributes for all collectibles right from the Portal.
  4. Download images for collectibles.

The Portal is live now at, check it out and stay tuned as we add more features in the coming months.

Rivalries and Revelry

Digging deeper into the lore of our world, we’ve been asking the community to express their personal preference, or in some cases extreme loyalty, for opposing Division 1 ExoGP teams.

As new Pilots wanting to break into the league of leagues, if the opportunity arose to get drafted by one of two top tier teams, we’re asking who they would choose. This week’s battle was between the headbanging techno barbarians, Sacred Waste, and the soul of the commoner, United Miners of Atmos.

Information Station

We added our most recent AMA Office Hours, featuring Atmos Labs’ VP of Product Todd Moffett and VP of Marketing Richard Ng, to the official Atmos Soundcloud. All of our AMAs, discussions, and updates are uploaded and archived there to keep all current and future Pilots informed of all things Atmos.

In The News

There’s always something noteworthy happening in and around this space and this week we share important news from GameRant about a major update happening soon for all Discord users. As the article states:

“An announcement made through a Discord blog post shows that the service’s username functionality will soon be updated. Usernames have typically consisted of custom names with a discriminator, a randomized set of four digits, attached to the end to make each username unique. These will soon be replaced with a new system in which users will create a unique, all-lowercase, username preceded by an @ symbol, similar in nature to how handles work on Twitter.”

Read the full announcement about Discord’s upcoming change to usernames and how it will be rolled out.

Community Highlights

For this week’s community call-out, we’d like to appreciate the folks who, with the aid of ChatGPT, created unofficial fight songs for their favorite ExoGP Team. Thanks to everyone who created a song for their team — the enthusiasm to participate did not go unnoticed.



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