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This week, we built a virtual bridge with another community, offering exclusive perks to our ODH community members. We also introduced another character from the Exordium comic series, learned about an upcoming evolution to Google’s Web3 advertising policy, and more. Read all about it in this week’s community update.

Collaboration Nation

We are always on the lookout for new connections and collaborations with like-minded communities to share with ours and this week we added Last Resort to that list. Community Manager and die-hard Flash Rabbits devotee, Tradesgiving, has helped us in securing another juicy whitelist opportunity for our ODH members to gnaw on. With some very basic requirements, up to 20 of our ODH members can snag a spot on the exclusive list for their upcoming free mint.

(From Last Resort) Last Resort is a Web3 survival MMO, where a military group has barely survived a monster invasion, and is working to build a new safe zone for any remaining survivors. You join the city as one of those survivors and work to help rebuild humanity. In the city, you’ll team up with friends and strangers to fight, loot, and craft rare and powerful loot. All while uncovering the mystery behind the monsters’ emergence. You will be able to play the game both on PC as well as mobile. And it already features controller support. Last Resort is an Immutable grant-recipient game, and is planning a public beta event, competition, and free mint soon.

The People in Your Neighborhood Pt 2

We’ve been introducing citizens of Planet Atmos who are heavily featured in our Exordium comic series. These folks are important pieces of the Planet Atmos puzzle and each week we are highlighting another individual from the series. This week, it’s former ExoGP champion and head of Team Chosen, Pesh Chosen, who is working hard to get Addy Aker to take his place and bring Team Chosen back into the spotlight.

Planet TikTok

Do you TikTok? We do too. If you haven’t yet, you can now find Planet Atmos on TikTok, where we are featuring exclusive videos, images, and stories from Planet Atmos, ExoGP, Atmos Labs, and more. We invite you to follow us on the ‘Tok, where things are a little looser and a bit nuttier.

Industry News

Google is updating its cryptocurrency advertising policy to permit ads for blockchain-based non fungible token (NFT) games starting from September 15. However, these ads are allowed only if they do not promote gambling or gambling-related services. The new policy will apply to blockchain-based games that allow players to purchase in-game items, enhancing the gaming experience. However, Google will continue to ban advertisements for games that involve wagering or staking NFTs for rewards, including cryptocurrencies and other digital collectibles. Ads promoting gambling-related content with NFT integration will require compliance with Google’s Gambling and games policy. This move marks a change from Google’s previous complete ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising and reflects a more cautious approach to such ads.

Read the full article on Google’s change in policy from Cointelegraph:

Community Highlights

For our weekly community call-out, we want to express our sincere appreciation for all those wonderful community members who may not be in the spotlight, but whose support from the sidelines doesn’t go unnoticed. Your quiet dedication and unwavering encouragement play a significant role in the success of our community. Your silent contributions, whether it’s a thoughtful like, a kind word, or simply being present, have a meaningful impact. Thank you for your support, even if you choose to do so quietly.



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