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Community Curation

An all-encompassing guide to our community curation

Mar 16, 2018 · 15 min read

The term ‘Curation’ has become a ubiquitous notion lately. We hear this buzzword from corporate customer acquisition narratives to content creation platforms across sectors such as music, travel, dining and more.

Curation has become almost indispensable in a world of excess

Dictionary Definition of ‘Curate’

Scarcity breeds engagement.

Dictionary Definition of ‘Community’

We have shared purposes. So, aren’t we done with being a community yet?

Pfortmüller’s definition of community.

‘’We are against boundaries, our community is open to everyone.‘’

‘’If everyone is inside your community, then your community cannot be distinguished from no community. Acknowledging the boundary between your community and the outside world helps you create something as opposed to nothing.’’

A shot from a Community Gathering at ATÖLYE

Being a contributor to the defined purpose is more important than being a proper fit for the community.

Disciplinary Balance
Multidisciplinary community of ATÖLYE.

Final Remarks & Learnings

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Disiplinlerötesi inovasyon platformu // Transdisciplinary innovation platform

ATÖLYE Insights

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