Top 3 awesome practical outsource tools for startups

Are you planning to hire a virtual assistant but you can’t decide what kind of tools you should use. In this blog, we want to give an idea about today’s fast paced technology, changing and developing tools according to these technological innovations.

Planning brings the success!

As you can see from the current office environment, today’s virtual assistants are some smart development tools like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Hootsuite etc.

If you are running this kind of startup business, you should consider to being more plannable. In this case, tech. tools will catch up with schedule what you can’t be able to plan. Time tracking, project managment, using the time efficent and keep up with the latest trends at the market can be very difficult sometimes. With these kind of life changing tools, you and your business are going to on their way to the top. 💸🔝

Let’s find out what kind of tools you need exactly to rock your business!

  1. Slack

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool. For team communication Slack is a very essential. It’s great beacause you can connect with your c0-workers and boss diretcly, easily.

2. Basecamp

Another practial and beneficial tool is Basecamp. It’s great tool for handling with your business effectively. This great project managment tool will help you finishing your works on time.

3. Trello

Other great project managment tool called “Trello” With this free tool you will be able to organize your business and your entire life, if you wish. It’s useful for large teams or small groups.