Fresh out the oven! 2017’s newest SEO tips

Majestic changes are still going on 2017’s technological world. Especially for web techologies. While these changes are playing very effective role, companies and web pages are need to keep up with new trends and styles for not being old school and trashy.

When we look at the years, in 2015 markets understand the value of SEO and in 2016 they tried to upgrade it. But now it’s 2017 and this is the perfect year for some major changes.

Let’s look at the newest trends on the field and figure out what should we do when it comes to SEO related works. If you don’t wanna miss these new and stylish ways to spread your content on web in a right way with SEO tools, you should keep reading this blog.

First things first: Prominance of Social Content

Creating brand new social content is not that easy! Put some new kind of efforts.

It’s not something super new on this field but it’s still important to have a great content when it comes to SEO. In 2017, we see major changes when it comes to creating powerful content. First thing you need to consider is this strategy: “Less words more and video content diaries.” Also you can try to create an interactive quiz or assessments instead of writing dozens of words. More interview based articles are reading more so in 2017, you should consider to add this. Try these GIF based articles and also you can try to collaborate with social media influencers and create some articles with them, too!

Never forget: The value of videos

Videos are in demand!

Especially with YouTube with raising reputtaion it’s vloggers, it has started to get more attention in general. Video base contents are getting high click rates according to some research. So never forget to post more videos.

As a must: Voice Search Function

Voice Search Funciton is an essential.

Apple’s Siri shows us another path when it comes to think about SEO. Sometimes it can be very hard to text the content but juts saying more easier, as you can imagine. Keep up with 2017’s technology and SEO trends, you must apply a voice search function to your app or website.

Focus on: User Experience

Creating great user experince which is working with SEO is perfect for clients.

We are doing 2 ways communication in these days, so it’s very important to get a various feedback from users. If you focus on user experience, you’ll get better incomes as a result. It sounds quite simple but it’s totally effective.

Also researches also support that theme too! A research just published by the Oxford Journal recently and according to the story : “The goal of UX design in business is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” So make sure that user experience and SEO work together effectively.

As an essential: Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization can rock your business!

The future is on our hands! Yes, it’s true. Me, you and everyone is holding their mobile phones, tablets every single day, every single minute… We all know that, it’ll be more important in the future, so we need to focus what’s important the most and add into SEO strategies as an essential.

Back to the roots: Localize your SEO

Don’t skip SEO localization.

Local SEO, is getting huge attention after Google Map’s innovations and services. So if you are posting or publishing something, don’t forget to use geo tags and also don’t skip filling the meta title descriptions(like city, region etc.)Map and directions have great importance in today’s article world. In this case, you can add a map and directions to make it more visualize and easy to find. It’s going to be super helpful for your clients.

Even some researches show that these consequences: “46% of all researches on Google are local and 80% of local searches lead to in-store visits and immediate purchase decisions.”

Let us, give you an advice: “Don’t waste any time and localize your SEO today! “

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Have a fantastic day! 😊