DEGEN Token Transition from v1 to v2

Atom Foundation bought the DegenSwap brand to continue its mission to help and support the community.

During transitions, v1 token holders often struggle with notifications, especially with a token like DEGEN that has over 13,884 holders, leading some to miss out on transitions. In order to protect against this, DEGEN v1 token holders can swap to DEGEN v2 at any time and at a face value ratio with no additional fee.

In order to protect the new DEGEN v2 token holders, the v1 swap takes place over 365 days and, while swapping, users receive a 10% APY bonus.

The transition from v1 to v2 is under the Dumper Shield. Links for the transition will be released shortly.

v1 [no longer supported] = 0xb37b51c5c4c934468b49b55fec15e76c9b538ff3

v2 = 0x1eea643fc6c0b4d253621839986fc566fce40704


The new tokenomic structure described below supports a “Buyback and Reward” philosophy which leads to a self-sustainable DAO structure. The DEGEN token will also support a voting mechanism to facilitate easy proposals, voting, and on-chain execution once the voting systems are completed.

Learn more about DEGEN by visiting our telegram or



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Kyle White

Kyle White

Hands on Angel Investor and Advocate for DLT