Investor Update from Yoda

The month of November was exciting for the Atom Foundation. We launched DegenSwap, the DEGEN token, and version 1 of Dynamic Swap.

The live DegenSwap platform is a single-click cross-chain aggregator umbrella which is designed to bring to users the best prices between all the aggregators in the market. The initial platform launch will include Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum coin (ETH), providing one-click interoperability between the two separate blockchains. Positioned as an umbrella aggregator that provides 100% gas and fee reimbursement, the platform solves a major barrier currently in the cryptocurrency market, gas fees.

Currently, the token has produced 42X returns for pre-sale investors at the market price. The token currently has zero percent slippage and will move to the EMA this week. DEGEN will also launch on UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and SushiSwap and will be added to CeFi exchanges as well.

A Post Dex Offering [PDO] for DEGEN launches soon. PDO is used to grow liquidity in a healthy manner to the pool and to early investors. The token launches when SMART’s PDO begins.

The DEGEN launch gives SMART holders an opportunity to see ahead of time, the correlated business model in action, the new Dynamic Swap with circuit breakers, and the PDO. SmartSwap SwapProviders [SPs] release this upcoming week SP for the community to test, making it the last piece necessary for launch.

MeXC and Mandala have both started the integration of the SmartSwap and DegenSwap dApps.

Private sale investors need to start performing the agreed-upon value-add mentioned on their SAFT.

Right after the SMART token will be launched we are planning to launch two new presales for the PDO token and FREEZ token. You can read more about those new revolutionary projects on their white papers


Yoda (Jude) GR



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Kyle White

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