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Results for SMART / DEGEN Allocation

Email from Yoda “Jude” Regev to all private pre-sale investors

Thank you for taking the time to complete the pre-sale questionnaire emailed a week ago. As a DAO based project it was important to us to do this brainstorming form which allowed us to gauge investor sentiment and find consensus in a decision.

We had 69 of 74 investor groups respond to the brainstorming questionnaire , with a clear majority present. The highest response, which received 71.01% responses is “Do not refund me and do not reduce my allocation at all, instead Increase the total pre-minted supply by 50%”. The second highest response with 18.84% was a version of “Refund on average 80% of everyone’s money, reducing my allocation and others”.

Therefore, Atom Foundation is excited to announce that investors will not be reduced and refunded, rather 100% of allocation will be available for all. An updated tokenomics will be released next week to reflect these changes. As investors noted, the Dumper Shield makes this decision less risky and helps keep everyone happy. If you do not accept the majority decision please jump on 1:1 call with me. you can set up a time that works for using this link

As we reach days before the launch, we would like all investors to start to push SMART and DEGEN to their networks. We need more centralized exchange introductions and publicity. Please help us with that and contact our COO Kyle via email

Thank you again for your participation and commitment to SMART and DEGEN. Let’s keep pushing together.

PS We also created another questionnaire for the public which did not invest in the pre sale just to see what other people think as well, and the results were the same.




Atom Foundation is a global brand of DeFi solutions, ranging from AMMs to Commercial Real Estate

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