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About Atomic Babes

Atomic Babes looks at what it means to be a woman in the world, exploring the intersections of feminism with history, race, sexuality, economics, politics, spirituality, health and the justice system. We blast through worn-out constructs and amplify women’s voices. Atomic Babes is the place for women to tell our stories, and to listen to our sisters — all of our sisters, across all our racial divides and cultural barriers, and welcome every stripe in the rainbow. Because the tiniest shift in thinking can have atomic results.

How to submit to us

As we launch Atomic Babes, we’re inviting writers to pitch us by email to We’ll also send out calls for pitches from time to time.

How do you pitch? Just write a few lines about your story idea. If the piece is complete, send us a link to the draft. That’s it. It’s really simple. We’d prefer if you didn’t hit us up with your ideas on any other channel but our email account to which we both have access.

We’re looking for -

  • Feminist thought pieces
  • Historical perspectives
  • Political commentary
  • Personal essays

1) All work should be thoroughly edited and polished.

2) The purpose of your piece cannot be to spread hate, disparage, elicit outrage (unless it’s appropriate outrage) or otherwise cause harm.

3) We prefer unpublished drafts.

4) Use appropriate tags.

5) Have a colorful, beautiful featured image either above or below the headline, with the source credited underneath the image. You can find free images on Pixabay, Unsplash, and numerous other sites. If it’s your own photo or graphic, please indicate that.

If you don’t include attribution, we won’t publish the piece.

If you’d like to understand more about copyright law and using images, here’s a great reference:

6) No selling. The purpose of your piece cannot be to sell something. It must be interesting in and of itself. We will not accept stories that serve no purpose other than to advertise a third-party product.

7) We want the work in this publication to qualify for inclusion in curated topic pages, therefore we follow Medium Curator’s guidelines:

In short, curators are looking for thoughtful, clearly written pieces that tell a compelling story, convey an interesting idea, or share a smart point of view. These can take many forms …We explicitly do not want to distribute misinformation, stories with clickbait headlines, stories that are primarily marketing a product or service, stories that use photos that the author doesn’t have the rights to use, or stories with excessive typos and errors.

That also means that we’d like you to submit your work as a part of Medium’s Partner Program.

Questions? Let us know.