Atomic Capital’s Upcoming Issuances, Commitment, and Industry Tools

Atomic Capital prepares for compelling Issuance clients, releases a new Reporting and Transparency Solution, announces commitment, and shares Open Sources Security Issuance Readiness Toolkit

Alexander S. Blum
Dec 12, 2018 · 4 min read

As 2018 winds to a close, Atomic Capital has taken the time to reflect upon the progress of the company to date and look to the year ahead.

We have achieved a lot. Atomic Capital officially formed in July of 2018, driven by a mission to fundamentally reshape our inefficient, unsustainable, and resource-scarce capital markets system into a regenerative and harmonious one. We have surpassed delivering on our goals for 2018.

Over the past five months we have:

  • Built a digital security (security token) issuance and administration platform, Helium
  • Used Helium for the sale of our own equity (raising our goal of ~$3.4MM in 1 month)
  • Issued our equity onto the Ethereum blockchain (see here) and had our standard approved for integration with multiple secondary market ATS’ groups
  • Formed direct syndication relationships with other broker/dealers, investment banks, VC funds, hedge funds, and family offices representing over $500 Billion in investment capital from around the world
  • Received over 500 inquiries for use of our services
  • Gathered commitments of over $10MM USD for our own venture fund (not yet publicly open)

Looking ahead, in Q1 2019, we have selected several partners to provide our suite of advisory, software, and fundraising solutions. All of these companies represent real businesses with real revenues and established management teams. This includes a US-Licensed Bank, a tech business with nearly $10MM in 2018 revenue, and multiple other forward-thinking partners of equal caliber that we can’t wait to share.

Though the success of these projects will depend upon the ultimate funds raised, Atomic Capital’s mission extends beyond simply replicating existing business models with incremental improvements to efficiency.

The coming year will surely bring with it significant change. We’ve observed the accelerating energy of blockchain financial infrastructure investors and issuers as well as lingering confusion and uncertainty. Countries like China are calling for a new global currency and US national debt continues to grow to all time highs. Current volatility in the public markets further heightens awareness and uncertainty. This is a critical time for not just blockchain or securities markets, but the influence of capital markets upon human activity around the world. The outcomes will depend upon the leaders who fill this vacuum.

Digital securities offerings allow for more efficient and effective capital raising, typically through an SEC-exempt transaction (e.g. Reg D/Reg S). Reg D/Reg S offerings will continue to accelerate in volume. Exempt from SEC reporting requirements and flooding the markets, this lack of transparency can easily lead to manipulation and the same damaging behaviors found in the ICO boom in 2017.

Our transparency and reporting service integrates into our existing Helium platform and provides clear and equally accessible information about a business’ progress and growth over time. Publicly reported data on business growth, revenues, clients, and additional KPIs will provide the market with equal access to at least this core information.

Though the SEC does not require this type of reporting for private companies, at Atomic Capital, we do. We encourage investors, services providers, and issuers to expect and ask others to do the same.

Helium’s Reporting and Transparency Feature

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We are also proud to announce our support for, a global nonprofit organization focused on expanding financial access for underserved people around the world. Kiva and Atomic share the belief that access to capital changes lives.

We have seen a lot of confusion around the requirements for executing a digital security. A blend of business, technical, and legal requirements must be met to ensure that a business can successfully fundraise with a digital offering, feeling confident they haven’t unintentionally violated any rules or publicly damaged their brand. However, this information is not readily available due to a number of market dynamics.

To address this, we created Atomic’s Issuance Readiness Tool.

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This information allows us to apply our expertise to structure a successful path forward. As this work continually evolves, we welcome others to take what you can benefit from this resource and to contribute additional ideas. You can use your own free version of this tool .

We continue to push forward at Atomic Capital, setting our own standards as we go. We know the future remains unwritten. Blockchain technology will only transform society for the better if we make the conscious choices that lead us there. Looking to 2019, we have a long road ahead of us.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Atomic Capital

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