How to Use Data to Improve Your Life

Alykhan Gulamali
Atomic Improvement
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2 min readAug 15, 2022


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In 2017, I wanted to eat healthier, workout regularly, and write more.

The problem was these goals were too broad, so I couldn’t tell if I was improving in these areas.

My solution was to define specific, measurable goals that I could track.

My three goals for 2017 were to eat 1,100 servings of fruits and vegetables, complete 100 workouts and post 350 answers on Quora.

For these goals, my success metrics were:

  • Servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Number of workouts
  • Answers published on Quora

Success in these goals could not be achieved in a single day, week, or month.

Building habits and developing consistency were required.

The more specific your success metrics, the better.

For example, I didn’t count a serving of fruit or vegetables unless it was palm-sized. I also didn’t count things like raisins, fruit juice, or a lettuce leaf on a burger because these don’t contribute to what I consider healthy eating.

When it came to workouts, my criteria was a minimum of 5 sets.



Alykhan Gulamali
Atomic Improvement

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