The New Atomic is here 🤘

New features, new content, new plans—including free!

We’re excited to announce that the New Atomic is available to all Atomic users from today!

  • New Features! We’ve shipped a ton of new features including Data, Variables, and Teams. You also get all the features we announced in September, including reusable Components, event-based conditional Actions, form Inputs, Pin Comments, an iOS Review App, and more!
  • Learn Atomic! We’ve launched a shiny new program to help you get from zero to hero in no time. There are 20+ tutorials that cover everything from the basics right through to using Data and Variables.
  • Free Plan! We’ve got all-new pricing plans including a little something we’re calling Atomic Free, which has all the features and no time limit. Today we’re making powerful prototyping available to everyone.

You can sign up now or read on for more details.

Our ten-minute demo video (embedded above) is the quickest way to get up-to-speed on all the features in the New Atomic.

Here’s what our beta testers loved…

Importing real data to enrich prototypes 🔥

Our new Data feature lets you import spreadsheets into Atomic and flow data into your text elements, input fields, and images. Data can even be used to dynamically control the state of components within your prototypes. It’s super easy to update or swap data sources, so our beta testers loved it for conducting high-fidelity user tests.

Using the new Data feature to populate a list view.

Using variables to model complex interactions 💖

Our new Variables feature is an easy way to control reference information across different parts of your prototype. Variables can be used for everything from capturing input information from a user, through to setting the state of your prototype and its components. Variables can trigger instructions and events too, so they’re great for creating conditional flows.

Using the new Variables feature to capture user input.

Rapid prototyping using 1-click page transitions 💥

We’ve added a bunch of new simple Page Transitions to Atomic so basic page-to-page transitions are lightning fast to create. And it’s still easy-as-pie to dive into a fine-tuned transition using our Timeline feature when that level of motion-fidelity really matters.

One-click Page Transitions in Atomic – it couldn’t be any easier.

Video lessons that help you prototype like a pro 🎓

Learning to prototype can seem daunting – so we’ve carefully crafted a series of video lessons that take you from the basics right through to advanced prototyping. You’ll be a prototyping genius in no time!

Learn Atomic: Have a look at the new video courses and start up-skilling today.

Building shared libraries with your team 🦄

Working in teams and managing centralised assets is now easy in Atomic, using our brand new Teams architecture. We’ve also added some pricing options that suit teams of all sizes. There’s lot more Teams functionality to come too – we’ll be sharing more about that very soon.

With the new Teams feature, Atomic is even more powerful for sharing and collaboration.

If your team is looking for a way to grow a more productive, common prototyping practice we’d love to demonstrate how Atomic helps teams. 
Interested? Drop us an email ( and we’ll organize a time to chat.

Atomic Free: powerful prototyping for everyone 🎉

The final piece of exciting news is that we’re introducing the Atomic Free plan for Atomic. From today, anyone can experience the full-set of Atomic features, 100% free with no time-pressure.

We know that changing tools and developing new skills takes time, which is why we’re taking away that time pressure. On Atomic Free, you can use all our prototyping features on one active prototype for as long as you need.

Read more about Atomic Free and kick-start your prototyping in Atomic.

We hope you enjoy the New Atomic – sign up now and let us know what you think via Twitter or by sending us an email. If you’d like to discuss Atomic with us in person, you can schedule a demo on our website.