The Offside Rule Demystified

Well, it’s often said that football referees are born with eagle eyes.

And you know what they are because they have one of the toughest job at the pitch determining if a player is in an offside position.

Passing the ball to another player is not easy even with a clear view because the other player might be in an offside position which leads to a foul and opposing team getting the ball.

But what is an offside position???

If you are closer to the opposing goal line than both the ball and the second last opponent.

Your teammate cannot pass you a ball if you are in an offside position.

How about this one?

Is the circle marked player offside?

Well, exceptions are everywhere right?

You can never be in an offside position if you are in your half of the field, or you get the ball from a goal kick, corner or throw in.

Arms are not considered part of the body while determining you are offside or not. Any other part of your body, head or feet is considered.

Just one last thing to wrap up!

The offside rule still applies if the ball gets rebounded from the post or crossbar and your teammate was at an offside position when you played the ball.

The same rule applies if it gets rebounded or deflected from a player or goalkeeper and If it were a deliberate save by an opponent.

If it were a deliberate play by an opponent (that was not a save), then no offside.

Well after reading this hope you will win that offside argument next time!!