10 Things to know about Jeff Bezos

Here are ten facts about Jeff Bezos that will change your perspective on him.

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He’s a billionaire and one of the richest men in the world.

But not only that, he’s heavily involved in charitable efforts and was recently declared ‘Person of the Year’ by Time Magazine.

Despite his business achievements, he’s extremely witty too, saying things like this about Walmart:

“Why on earth would you buy a CD at Walmart for $15 when you can get the same music for $1? Same thing with books — most books are $26 at Barnes & Noble. You should go to Amazon and pay $10. It can’t be that bad of an experience! What is it about these guys?”

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, is not only a genius but also among the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

However, it is not just off the back of his success that he has made it to where he is but he also has his quirks and characteristics which are the hallmarks of a successful individual.

These points are important because they define who he is and how he thinks or I should say — what motivates him to be successful.

Though now known as one of the world’s richest person, he used to rely on a budget Kindle (which was later updated to the level-headed Paperwhite) to read books.

So, there’s no doubt about it, Jeff Bezos is a very successful man.

Some might even say that he is the “world’s greatest entrepreneur.” But what did we learn about success from the man himself?

We can learn alot from Jeff Bezos’ experience.

For diversification to be a successful strategy, it isn’t enough just to have a wide variety.

All of the various assets in your overall portfolio must also be connected in some way that makes sense in terms of risk and reward.

You want your assets to complement each other instead of detracting from one another.

This is the kind of diversification that will help you sail through an uncertain economic landscape for many years down the road with much more stability.

The world is indeed a cruel place and competition is out there. If, as Bezos says, companies aren’t competing to be the best, they are in fact asking for trouble.

Among other things, Bezos underlines the importance of focus, thinking long term, and the idea that it’s OK for a company not to be successful for a long time.

If any of these three bullet points sound familiar in your own business pursuits, take this as inspiration.

Through his drive, dedication, and business mind, Jeff Bezos has managed to build a huge empire in the technology industry.

However, he hasn’t done so by being solely focused on numbers and financial success.

Much of his success comes from his focus on the customers, striving to make their interactions with Amazon’s products more enjoyable and user-friendly.

He wants to make your shopping experience easier and more convenient; he cares about your satisfaction. If you can emulate this caring mentality in your own ventures, your company will likely see similar growth to that of Amazon’s.

In summary, Jeff Bezos has done a lot in his career to help shape the world of modern retail. His vision helped revolutionize the way we shop and purchase products, even if it did take a while to catch on.

The reason he’s now one of the richest men in the world probably has as much to do with his business acumen as it does with the fact that he’s an able leader who surrounds himself with really talented people.

Here are other things that you might miss out regards to Jeff Bezos:

He was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen and adopted his stepfather’s name Bezos.

He was in a rock band in high school.

His parents divorced when he was young.

He owns the Washington Post and founded Blue Origin.

He’s not just an entrepreneur; he’s also a world-class investor through his company Bezos Expeditions.

He was named Time’s Person of the Year in 1999.

His parents divorced when he was still a child.

His mother claims to have named her son after the character in “The Music Man.”

He was diagnosed with dyslexia at age eight and given a special tutor.

His love of reading led him to become an early investor in internet commerce

Whether you admire, loathe or fear him, there’s no denying that Jeff Bezos is an innovator. He’s not like other billionaires — he doesn’t just invest his money, he uses it to pursue his passions too.

And when he sets a goal, there’s no stopping him until he meets it. The sheer magnitude of what Bezos has accomplished in such a short amount of time is astounding, to say the least.

Like any great leader and entrepreneur, Bezos has transformed the tech world forever. What‘s more, he isn’t stopping any time soon; we expect to see plenty of Amazon innovations in the coming years and decades.

Takeaway: Build the foundation for a vision, then hire an A-team to make it happen. We can learn a lot from Jeff Bezos about being customer-obsessed and being optimistic.



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