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Mabu Manaileng: Setting trends with AI and ML in Africa with Datawizzards

Envisioning a level playing field for all

Huifang: What made you want to dive into the deep end and co-found the Datawizzards?

Huifang: What did you do with Datawizzards in an attempt to change the opinions towards AI in South Africa?

Datawizzards winning at #SS18Hack

Huifang: Being freshly out of university back then and also a #Top15YoungGeek Did the “kids coding” stereotype hold you back in your startup process of Datawizzards?


Huifang: What are your future visions for the Datawizzards?

Huifang: So what would be the next target on your list?

Huifang: How different is working in Datawizzards and large corporations?



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