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Pratham Prasoon: Age is only a number when it comes to Data Science

Sharing his journey to point others in the right direction

Huifang: Congratulations on your first job! How do you feel about it and how do you position yourself in the job?

Huifang: How do you get this job?

Huifang: Are you the youngest in the team? And is it normal to have a job at 16 in India?

Huifang: While most 16s are still busy with their studies, you’re already an influencer and you’ve got a job. So what do you think makes you different from the rest?

Huifang: You mentioned that you don’t like school much. What is it specifically about school that you don’t like?

Are we being schooled or educated?

Huifang: How do you think the education system can encourage creativity?

Huifang: Having 300+ students is by no means an easy duty. Knowing this shows me you must be skilled. I’m wondering, how did you get started with teaching?

Pratham’s sharing with middle school

Huifang: How did your student base grow so extensively?

As a Junior high schooler, Pratham started teaching the middle schoolers.

Huifang: According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics in India, almost 32% of students pick STEM degrees. This, in turn, produced the most graduates in a total of almost 2.7 million in 2018.

What do you think India is doing well to be so far ahead of other countries?

Huifang: With all the opportunities that are presented to you, do you still think that attending school is important for you?

Huifang: What would be your dream job?

Huifang: What are your parents’ reaction when they found out that you are now an influencer with more than 60k followers on Twitter?

Huifang: I felt that your kind of job as an influencer and a researcher before graduating signifies a change in career nature for your generation. What kind of advice would you give to fellow peers of your generation?



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