Chillaxin’ Thursday!

Do you have something you look forward to at work, or a favorite day perhaps? Well, I do! Especially currently.

In the office, we have “Atrae Cafe” held on Thursdays! It’s not for clients though. It’s exclusively for us. Once a week, we have lunch in the office. Some teams have their regular benkyokai lunch (group discussion lunch) or just a casual lunch together.

This open space transforms in to a relaxing one. When inside, we feel the ambience is truly like a cozy cafe. Who knew there would be such an enticing daytime moment like this in the office? It opens at 12 noon, we then go buy our meal of choice at our favorite shops, bring it here and indulge.

Welcoming a new intern!

From the lighting, to the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, coupled with a soothing music that plays in the background, we can take pleasure in having lunch while lounging on a comfy couch catching up with each other. Oh also, we sometimes come here for EOP (English Only Policy) lunch, which I mentioned in one of my blogs before.

While enjoying lunch, the members in charge at the bar prepare and serve hot drinks such as tea — in various kinds, coffee — freshly brewed by our coffee enthusiast. They grind coffee beans manually and manual drip it.

our Barista of the day :)

Whew! Amazingly, coffee tastes differently depending on who makes it. Although personally, I like green tea much more than coffee, I can say that hand drip coffee made by my coworkers smells and tastes better than any other kind from coffee shops! Lunch has never been this fun with them.

That’s what our Thursday lunch time is like in Atrae. Do you have such an exciting lunch in the workplace too?

Thank you for reading! :)