A season to remember

“ What’s your favorite season?” Sometimes, I’m still not used to getting asked this question since I’m from a tropical country where there are only two seasons — wet and dry! Yes it’s hot and it rains a lot there. The temperature is relatively high all throughout the year and it doesn’t change that much unless you go somewhere up North in a place called Baguio City, it’s known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Also, my colleagues often wonder and compare how hot in my country is, as well as in Japan. So as summer is about to end, I thought of answering these questions.

Let’s start with the minor question: “ Which is hotter in summer, Japan or the Philippines?”

I would say, it’s almost the same… however my Filipino friends and I feel like it’s hotter here due to high humidity and it’s sometimes not windy. On the other hand, I think sunlight in the Philippines is stronger because you’ll get sunburned by just staying under the sun even for a few minutes. Thus, we (especially women) do use umbrellas more than Japanese do!

Now to the main question: “What season do you like the most?”

Well, I thought that I won’t delight in Japanese summer anymore since it’s always summer in my home country. I actually like Fall. It’s one of the beautiful seasons Japan possesses. Aside from the temperature, which is cool enough not to sweat, it’s when you can see the foliage beautifully change its colors. In my eyes, Fall is such a peaceful and a romantic season.

Right, so recently I’ve realized I happened to appreciate Summer in Japan. Why? Because there are just numerous of exciting outdoor activities that can be done! From interestingly-themed beer gardens, traditional dance festivals and fireworks to watching baseball games and music festivals (not to mention Summer Sale everywhere, haha) but isn’t it too hot?? Sure it is! It’s extremely hot but looking on the bright side, I can be in my most ideal weight and can wear comfortable clothes so it feels like I’m just in the Philippines.

What’s more exciting is that, I get to do some of those activities with my colleagues! We go to beer garden and have barbecue party every summer and it was my second time this year.

Odaiba BBQ party! :)

Speaking of festivals, since our office is currently located in Azabu Juban, we get to attend one of the Japanese summer festivals that’s usually held on the last weekend of August, Azabu Juban Matsuri! Of course we don’t miss to have nomikai (drinking party) at this time in summer.

Azabujuban shopping street

Tell me what’s there not to like about summer in Japan? Plus, they care a lot about the hot weather that there are plenty of ways to beat the heat.

So to put it simply, I like Fall… and Summer too. So from now on, I’ll always look forward to summer season here.

How was your summer? Hope you had a fun one this year! Thank you for reading. :)


Today must be memorable. Congrats Japan for winning the World Cup Preliminary tonight!! It was such a thrill watching it together with my colleagues.

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