How to set up a testnet wallet?

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4 min readJan 29, 2024


We’ve written a short guide to teach you how to set up a testnet wallet on Eternl, so you can participate in the Âtrium incentivized testnet.

The alpha is live on Cardano’s preview testnet! Our goal with this alpha is to find bugs, and gather feedback. This will allow us to ship a better product to Cardano’s mainnet. While you are squashing bugs, we’ll be integrating the World’s first Staking Basket to make the testing even more interesting!

Step one: Install the Eternl browser extension

You can also use Nami, or Lace if you have those, but for the purposes of demonstration, we’ll be using Eternl. You can install this browser extension by visiting the Chrome store, and adding it to your browser.

Step two: Create a testnet wallet

You may already have a mainnet wallet if you are a frequent Cardano user. But for sending tADA, you’ll need to switch your wallet onto the preview network. Do do this on Eternl, click the button in the bottom right hand corner that says ‘Mainnet’.

Then choose the ‘Preview Testnet’ option from the list.

Now, the button that previously said ‘Mainnet’ should now say ‘Preview’.

Now create a wallet by clicking the ‘ Add wallet’ button.

Follow the steps, give you wallet a name, and write down your seed phrase as you would normally do with any wallet. Once created you should see your wallet in the left hand menu.

Once you have done this, you’ll need to grant access to the Dapp Connector. In the same left hand menu as your wallet, click a button labelled ‘DApp Browser’.

Now, choose ‘Connect Account from the top menu, choose your new test wallet from the dropdrop and then click ‘Connect as DApp Account’.

Perfect. You are good to go. But before you do, lets get some test ada in your wallet.

Step three: Get test ADA from the Faucet


From there, scroll down and find the input form.

Switch to your Eternl wallet and copy your receive address.

Paste in your ada address from your Eternl wallet. You can ignore the API key input, just check the ‘I’m not a robot box’. and click ‘Request funds’

Now you should have some funds in your testnet wallet. You can come back every day and claim 10,000 tADA from the faucet, if you want some more to play with.

But thats it, you are now ready to come on over to Âtrium and begin testing. Hopefully this guide made sense. If not then feel free to ask questions in our discord, and we’ll help you if you get stuck.




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