A little about us


By monitoring the current situation in the crypto market and conducting an in-depth analysis of the already existing crypto currencyes and their products, we have come to the conclusion that the crypto currencyes, due to their volatile and unregulated market, poses a significant risk for investors. Start-up companies usually have vaguely defined products, which are usually designed for a very specific and narrow target market. All of us have a primary goal of developing the crypto market into a strong and stable market with quality products. The real picture however is completely different. Most companies just exploit the newly established system for raising capital (initial coin offering, hereinafter ICO).

For investors, uncontrollable ICOs represent a great risk and potentially a rapid loss of the funds they invested. Apart from the promises and the product development plans (most of them are late with delivery dates, or they simply do not deliver the agreed on products), it is clearly seen that the main interest of most companies is making a quick profit. It is time for a safe crypto currency and this is where ATRIX comes in. ATRIX is the first “safe” crypto currency to offer its investors/ buyers BUYBACK an 80% pre-defined ICO price for a period of 5 years. ICO/PURCHASE price of 1 ATRIX TOKE will be 2USD and BUYBACK price will be 1.6 USD. The Buyback option will be valid for 5 years, which means that you will be able to sell your coins back in that period whenever you will want to. The number of the coins itself will be limited; we will enter the market with a total of 45.000.000 coins.

We believe that the capacity of the available coins is one of the parameters that influence the growth of the coin itself. From various analyses, we have found that as many as 70% of the most valuable coins have limited capacity. We also believe that the limitation is crucial the time will come for market regulation. The amount, which will be obtained through ICO, will be stored in a “wallet” that will be denominated in USD or EUR. In this regard, it is crucial to maintain the value of the investment during ICO as it was on the day of payment, as only in this case, we can ensure BUYBACK. Strict rules will also apply for the remainder of the coins owned by the team and consultants. ICO is planned to be carried out with 50% of the total number of (15M tokens for ICO) pre-manufactured tokens on the ethereum basis.

The total number of ATRIX TOKENS will be divided by the following system:

1,000,000 ATRIX TOKENS will be reserved for early adopters

1,000,000 ATRIX TOKENS will be used for ICO PRE-SALE (users will be able to buy ATRIX TOKEN at an EXCLUSIVE PRICE 1.78USD and thus gain a 90% WARRANTY)

15,000,000 ATRIX TOKENS will be used for ICO SALE (the regular price of ATRIX TOKEN will be 2USD)

18,000,000 ATRIX TOKENS will be allocated in the RESERVE FUND, which will serve to raise the ATRIX TOKEN buyback price. The initial buyback price will be 1.6USD, and with a reserve fund we will try to raise the buyback price to 3.2USD — which is a 100% increase in the buyback price and 80% profit for all holders of ATRIX TOKENS.

10.000.000 ATRIX TOKENS will be distributed among employees, owners, and consultants and used to cover the company’s operating costs (marketing, rent, training costs, fairs, software equipment), covering the inflation, guarantees, etc.

It is necessary to understand that at the beginning of the start-up and the development of ATRIX as a business, the financial contribution to the start-up of the company will only be 13% of all received ICO investments. Unlike other companies that hold 100% ICO amount, we use 80% to pay for guarantees and 7% to cover the costs of conversion from crypto-currency to fiat (USD, EUR) and back. We are aware that our number one priority is the insurance of all customers and, consequently, the distribution of the tokens themselves.

Since ATRIX wants to become primarily a safe and usable TOKEN, we took the matter a bit further and added the functionality of ATRIX LOAN.

Would you invest in a product that allows you to get the amount that you invested in the crypto currency, paid back, whilst keeping the value of the cryptocurrency? Lets explain in a little more detail: You have decided to invest 10,000 USD into the ATRIX. In return, you will receive 10,000 USD in the form of ATRIX TOKENS, which will represent 5,000 ATRIX TOKENS in the initial phase (5,000 are purchased at a price of 2USD for 1 TOKEN). The functionality of ATRIX LOAN will allow you to receive 80% of the value of your investment in the form of a loan at any time (8,000USD for 5000 ATRIX TOKENS — the value of the token is calculated at the buyback price of 1.6USD) that you can return or not. Upon the receipt of the loan, you will choose the time when you will return the amount (for the time of the loan ATRIX TOKENS are transferred to the ESCROW ACCOUNT). If you do not return the amount on the selected date, the ATRIX TOKENS will be become the property of ATRIX. As a user, you are not indebted to pay anything, because we repaid you a loan of 80% of your investment. The charm of the ATRIX LOAN however, is that despite the fact that you have chosen a loan your ATRIX TOKENS are not blocked and their price is actually increasing. For example, in the event that your ATRIX TOKEN increases in value from 10.000USD, to 25.000USD, you only need to return a received loan of 8.000USD (the value is related to the above example). We do not charge any fees or interest rates for loans.

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