Throughout the years, the retail and corporate lending landscape has changed steadily and the era of decentralized blockchain technology is evidently driving the next evolution. At ATRIX, we strongly believe our lending mechanism will disrupt the traditional borrowing system and empower individuals by making borrowing accessible to everyone and safer than ever before.

The ATRIX Loan is designed to provide ATX token holders unique, permission less and automated access to money with no interest, hidden commissions, fees or any other expenses. In order for ATRIX loan to become truly disruptive, it must be simple and entirely

safe. With these requirements in mind, the ATRIX team has selected the Ethereum network as the core protocol upon which our blockchain-based smart contracts will enable our lending to be fully automatized and fully transparent at all times.

ATX token will represent a ticket to get the ATRIX loan. The amount of the loan is calculated according to the following mathematical formula:

Amount of ATRIX loan = Amount of ATRIX tokens x Current buyback price of the initial contibution

In this case the ATX holder’s tokens are deposited by the ATRIX company and the loan is paid to the contributor in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. No additional credit risk assessments will be conducted by ATRIX.

Our smart contract loan agreement is designed in a way to relocate the set amount of ATX tokens from the borrower’s account on our escrow account for the fixed period of time determined by the borrower (term of the loan). Hence, the borrower does not transfer the deposited amount of ATXs permanently, but instead only temporary loses the access to manage pledged amount of ATX tokens. This results in an option for ATX token holder to later decide whether to pay off the loan and collect the exact number of ATX tokens as deposited, or to keep the loan amount even after the determined deadline for repayment of the loan, and to leave the deposited ATX tokens to ATRIX.

The loan can only be repaid in lump-sum. In that case our smart contract automatically returns the borrower all ATX tokens, which were deposited by the ATRIX company. If the loan is not repaid there are no further obligations between ATRIX company and the borrower, as the smart contract is designed to revoke the borrower’s obligation after expiry of the time limit and at the same time the deposited ATX tokens become the property of the ATRIX company.