Coupled with ATRIX token we are introducing the ATRIX SEED. ATRIX SEED is dedicated to support specially selected projects sharing the same values, and developed in cooperation with us. The ATRIX team will consist of numerous visionaries and highly experienced entrepreneurs, whose mission will be to precisely evaluate the idea of the proposed project and provide all support needed for their realization.

As ATRIX’s vision is to become a synonym for guaranteed acquirement of tokens, we will exclusively support, showcase and contribute to the projects that will adopt our values and standards. A high level of transparency and a compulsory buyback guarantee, at the minimum rate of 50% in favour of the token holders, will certainly be our trademark, which each token “sale” project backed by ATRIX SEED will need to adopt. Therefore, token holders will be provided with a unique assurance and 100% clarity. ATRIX token will represent a ticket to the priority pass and grant ATRIX token holders early access within ATRIX BSI token sales. What is more, ATRIX token holders will be entitled and encouraged to actively participate in this process.