Tokens offered to the public during token generated event are known as the ATRIX Tokens. It is based on the Ethereum protocol and conforms to the ERC20 standard. ATRIX’s vision is to establish a safe haven inside the turbulent crypto world and the ATRIX token represents your ticket to get there. ATRIX token is a unique digital token with underlying utility intended to facilitate smooth ATRIX’s operations and enabling token holders to unlock numerous innovative features, which ATRIX will introduce in the future. At the beginning the ATRIX token will have two fundamental features attached to it:

- ATRIX LOAN— ATRIX token holder will have exclusive access to the ATRIX loan

- ATRIX BUYBACK GUARANTEE— ATRIX token holder will be entitled to the buyback guarantee at the rate of 80% at all times

The utility of the ATRIX tokens will be enhanced over time as ATRIX aims to introduce further innovations, giving the ATX token various additional features within the ATRIX ecosystem:

- ATRIX PLATFORM— ATRIX token will provide the right to use the ATRIX platform, allowing ATRIX token holder to keep a 24/7 oversight over the total capacity of the reserve fund and its outcomes

- ATRIX SEED — the ATRIX token will offer its holder priority access to contribute to future products generated in collaboration through ATRIX Blockchain Solutions Investments and benefit from them. At the same time, we are welcoming the active participation of the ATX token holders in those processes.

- ATRIX KYC — service integrated in the app, which will give the contributor a limitless “passport” to other crypto projects. This service will make the ATRIX app an entry point to the whole crypto world.

ATRIX token does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, intellectual property rights, shares, security or any equivalent rights relating to ATRIX.