Initial crowdsale or ICO is redefining the way people make contributions into projects. It has an enormous amount of potential since everyone can participate. ICOs have boomed in popularity in 2017, with over $2 billion raised since the start of the year. However, there is also a great amount of risk associated with cryptocurrency.

It is a highly volatile environment and the promise of high rewards can also turn into major losses. This creates a gap between the state of unexplored potential and the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The dangerous side of the crypto market is speculation. Usually people are investing in well hyped projects; projects with a powerful marketing strategy and good idea, but most of them don’t deliver any results except the rising of the price (pump & dump effect) on exchanges. We also have examples of crypto companies, which are earning very good money from their services, on the other hand their token price went down to the bottom (initial contributors gave money to the company to start with the project and in exchange for that they got the tokens, but because the token is only connected to the exchange price they are not the part of the company’s success).

We have to understand that the crypto society is still very small in comparison to other investment markets (gold, stock market…). The crypto market is also very complex, unregulated and we will need some time to attract people, who are interested in safe investments. We certainly cannot talk about safe investments in the crypto world yet, since the volatility is extremely high. We can witness changes in price of over 100% on the daily basis. This is a sign of trouble for all the people contemplating to enter the crypto world. At the moment, investing money in a crypto currency equals spending the money at the casino. One of the biggest issues, which occur are the greediness of the project’s owners and the usefulness of the tokens, which is mostly none existent.

That is why we are setting up new initial contribution rules. Our goal is to make projects more financially transparent for the contributors, by offering an initial contribution buyback guarantee in the event that the contributor is not satisfied with the progress of the project in the future.

We would like to incorporate this functionality into all future crypto projects. The changes are necessary, because people who are initial contributors, are the reason the crypto world even exists.

Till today early adopters were not protected and they couldn’t get their initial contribution back, if a project didn’t deliver the results. We are about to change that. Our mission is to become some type of escrow account in the new ecosystem of Token Sale 2.0 for every new crypto project.

Any project with clearly defined goals and the focus to develop the product, will have no problems accepting this guarantee. Initial contributors require much more information regarding the development of the project and success of the company, than just the price of the token on the exchange. The usefulness of the token is definitely a factor that affects its success.

We hope the organisations like SEC, ESMA and FINMA will speed up the regulations on the market and set clearly defined rules. We at ATRIX definitely wish to become an example of such institutions in the crypto world. Most of the well-known and leading people in the crypto world talk only about the worth of the crypto market, only few of them actually focus on the people, who built its worth.

That is why we at ATRIX are proud to say we have the first token in the world, which offers its users a minimum of 80% buyback guarantee for the period of 5 years, based on their initial contribution. It will also have option of being used as a loan guarantee or priority pass for new projects, which will use the BUYBACK GUARANTEE SYSTEM.

Atrix is a game changer in the world of initial crowdsale.

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