#Civility for Team Trump?

Why Activists Are Telling the Establishment to Shove it

In the toxic climate dominated by Trump’s white supremacist agenda, it is extremely satisfying to watch Homeland Security Kristen Neilson publicly shamed when she had the gall to attempt to dine at a Mexican restaurant.

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Likewise, seeing “Wanted” posters go up in Stephen Miller’s luxury apartment complex, gives one a shudder of satisfaction, does it not?
 And the thought that poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders missed out on the Red Hen’s delicious Root Vegetable Dauphinoise because the staff, several of whom are gay and were horrified Sanders had defended Trump’s desire to bar transgender people from the military — and, like many of us, were furious watching her evade questions in defense of a Trump policy that was ripping children away from their parents voted to tell the owner to refuse her service is something that has to count as a small victory in the midst of the barrage of body blows we are being dealt.
Maxine Waters, a fan looking for a flame, defended the Red Hen, saying that people should accost Trump administration officials when they appear in public and “tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
 As satisfying as it all is, as a tactic, will it work? Is it working?

I explore these issues, and more, in the podcast embedded above:
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